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this is what it looks like so far but I'm not real happy with the end of it.... should I save 'somewhere' for an encore and then just do a solo piece myself? or keep it like that and throw in 'if I loved you' with cello as an encore... but is that too slow and mush like for an encore? ahh help please! (I should probably also add in my accompanists name on there shouldnt i)

-J. Bach-
Concerto in C minor- 2nd movement
Justin Huertas, cello

-G. Handel-
“Lasica Ch’Io Pinga” from Rinaldo
“Bel Piacere” from Aggripina
Ksenia Popova, soprano

-J. Bach-
Suite I- Prelude
Justin Huertas, cello

-S. Rachmaninoff-
“Сонъ” (Dream)
“Сирень” (Lilacs)
-C. Debussy-
Ksenia Popova, soprano

-J. Haydn-
Concerto in C Major- Moderato
-C. Saint-Saëns-
“The Swan”
Justin Huertas, cello

-L. Bernstien-
“Somewhere” from West Side Story
“Dream With Me” from Peter Pan
Ksenia Popova, soprano
Justin Huertas, cello

-N. Rimsky-Korsakov-
“Flight of the Bumblebee”
Justin Huertas, cello

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