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Recording of my recital is up!

Hello, again. I posted earlier in the month about my recital which was this past Saturday, May 14th in Los Angeles. I was incredibly pleased with how the performance went (I've never before been happy when listening to a recording of my own singing) and would love to hear what all of you think. Thanks to the wonderful computing abilities and generosity of mechanyx,</span> who created and is hosting a site for me, my entire program (along with some photos) is now on a single website:




Please go there and listen to at least a song or two and let me know what you think! My personal favorites are "Black Swan", "Zdes Horosho", "Porgi, amor", "O del mio dolce ardor", Monica's Waltz", and "If I Loved You." I'm a 19 year old soprano and will likely end up being a lirico spinto. Please feel free to be critical and as specific as you want to be. I'd appreciate any and all feedback =)


Thanks! Everyone in this community is fabulous. I can't wait to get your input.



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